My name is Daniel Zettl and I’m an Animator / Animation Supervisor. I’ve worked on a boat load of animated and live action feature films, commercials and tv series in the UK, Germany and New Zealand. After eight years at Weta Digital I decided to finally join the Games Industry.

For the past ~5 years I’ve been a part of the League of Legends skins team at Riot Games.

Now, I’m working at Moon Studios and we’re creating something new and breathtaking.

Creating new and original characters, with unforeseen fresh mannerisms and locomotion, through good design and an emotionally honest and deep performance is and always has been my motivation. What excites me most is a chance to spin an idea further or explore alternative choices. Learning is a hobby of mine, a passion I would say.

Thanks for reading! With questions or inquiries please hit me up under sayhitodanzettl@gmail.com


Work experience


2021 – presentSenior Animator at Moon Studios
2017 – 2021Senior Animator on League of Legends, Riot Games

Feature Film

2016The BFG
Weta Digital, directed by Steven Spielberg, animation supervisor
2015Fantastic Four
Weta Digital, directed by Josh Trank, lead animator
2014The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
Weta Digital, directed by Peter Jackson, senior animator
2013The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Weta Digital, directed by Peter Jackson, senior animator
2012Iron Man 3
Weta Digital, directed by Shane Black, senior animator
2012Man of Steel
Weta Digital, directed by Zack Snyder, senior animator
2012The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Weta Digital, directed by Peter Jackson, senior animator
2011The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn
Weta Digital, directed by Steven Spielberg & Peter Jackson, senior animator
2010Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Weta Digital, directed by Rupert Wyatt, senior animator
2009The Lovely Bones

Weta Digital, directed by Peter Jackson, animator
Weta Digital, directed by James Cameron, animator
2007Dragon Hunters
Trixter, directed by Guillaume Ivernel & Arthur Qwak, animator
2006Lissi und der wilde Kaiser
Scanline VFX, directed by Michael Herbig, animator
2005Hui Buh – Das Schlossgespenst
Trixter, directed by Sebastian Niemann, animator

Commercials and Other

2010King Kong 360 3D (theme park ride)
Weta Digital, directed by Peter Jackson, animator
2008Bridgestone “Taters” (superbowl commercial)
Framestore CFC, lead animator
2008Westfield “New Light” (commercial)
Framestore CFC, lead animator
2008The Abbey Bank “Golden Acorn” (commercial)
Framestore CFC, lead animator
2008The Prince’s Rainforest Project “Frog” (commercial)
Framestore CFC, animator
2008Friskies “Bobo” (commercial)
Framestore CFC, animator
2008British Airways “Aquarium” (commercial)
Framestore CFC, animator
2008Nissan “City Living” (commercial)
Framestore CFC, animator
2008The Abbey Bank “Superkick” (commercial)
Framestore CFC, animator
2008The Abbey Bank “Super Squirrels” (commercial)
Framestore CFC, animator
2008The Chemical Brothers “Midnight Madness” (music video)
Framestore CFC, animator
2008Neotel “No Restrictions” (commercial)
Framestore CFC, animator
2008Evonik (commercial)
Framestore CFC, animator
2008Specsaver “Eerie” (commercial)
Framestore CFC, animator
2008Bulmers (commercial)
Framestore CFC, animator
2008Buxtons (commercial)
Framestore CFC, animator
2007Primeval (Complete Season 2 – tv series)
Framestore CFC, animator
2007Animation Instructor at HTW, Dresden

Workshop in animation principles
2003Storyboard/ Background-/ Prop Design/ 2D Animation Internship at Trixter
Assistant storyboard artist
Assistant prop designer
Background designer for pitches
Assistant animator on the 2D animated series “Hexe Lilly”

Personal Info

Skills+18 years of character & creature animation experience
Gameplay + Cinematic Animation (Games)
Creature Animation + Motion Capture (Film)
Character Development + Animation Look-Dev
Character TD skills (Rigging/Modelling/nCloth/FACS facials)
Windows & Linux-based systems
Hobbiesgaming, painting, skateboarding, surfing
LanguagesGerman (native)

Awards / Teaching / Tutorials / Publications

  • Nomination for the Annie Award 2016 (Animation in a Live Action Production)
  • Teaching Animation at the Technical University Dresden, Germany (Principles of Animation)
  • 3D Creative Magazine (issue #35) (Tutorial: Pose-to-Pose vs. Straight-ahead)
  • Interview at the online animation school Anim School
  • Interview at Mike Milo’s Animation Insider
  • Interview at the german tabloid Die Welt


  • Character / Creature animation
  • Facial animation
  • Previs / Destruction FX
  • Character Rigging incl. FACS facial setup